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Terrific Action Episodes In Bharat Anu Nenu, Mahesh babu New film

bharat anu nenu


Director Koratala Siva is constantly known for his social messages, but he never misses these commercial brands in his films. Say it to music or glamour, dialogue or fighting, it always ensures that all the ingredients are dosed correctly.

Since his first film “Mirchi“, he has developed some interesting films in his films. In this Prabhas Starrer, the fight in which Prabhas warns his father’s opponents for the first time and the other action sequence that unfolds in the rain are first-rate. Similarly, in “Srimanthudu“, where Mahesh says “Andarni Dattata Teeskunta“, the order in which NTR encounters “natural disasters” in the “Janata Garage” is top. What about “Bharat Anu Nenu“?

There are reports that moviegoers will see a series of fight sequences in the upcoming Mahesh and Koratala film. There are almost four action sequences that have a different taste and that allow the hair to grow. While a fight sequence is a comedy, it’s called a different from an elegant treat

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