Shalini Pandey Is Replacing Tamannah

shalinin pandey is replacing tamannah

Shalini Pandey with Nikhil : Tollywood hero Nikhil is without a doubt a very much capable youthful on-screen character. After a big gap, Nikhil has concocted the remake of Kannada’s super hit film ‘Kirrak Party‘. As this movie is good to go for its release soon, here is the details …

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Ravibabu’s Adhugo Movie is Still Pending

ravibabu's adhugo movie is still pending

Ravibabu’s Adhugo Movie Updates : Ravi Babu has niched a cut for himself by coordinating films like Allari, Anasuya, Nachavule, Amaravathi, Avunu and some more. Off late, we know he was with yet another distinctive film titled “Adhugo“. It has been a while that the film has finished its shoot …

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